How to Lift Depression Fast.

The way we think, really does affect the way we feel.#Depression is a very strong emotion and leads the sufferer into black and white thinking. Now the sufferer sees everything from the worst possible perspective. Being #Depressed, feels like life is no longer worth living, the whole we are in, is just too big to get out off. This may be how you feel right now, but there is help at hand.

#Hypnotherapy 4 Positive change is going to show You, " how to lift Depression fast".

To live successful and fulfilled lives we all need to have certain basic needs met. In order for us to thrive, we need food, warmth, water and shelter to survive. but these are only our physical needs, we also need our emotion needs met, and if any one of these needs are lacking or missing altogether then we can begin to fall into depression to some degree.

Our emotional needs are as follows:

Security: A place where we feel safe, where we can live our lives without #fear, where we can enjoy our privacy.

Volition: A sense that we are in control of our lives.

Attention: giving and receiving attention.

Emotional connection to others: Friendship, intimacy.

Connection to the wider community; being part of something larger than ourselves.

A sense of status: knowing that we are valued in each of the social groups we belong to.

A sense of achievement: which ensure we don't suffer from low self-esteem.

A sense of meaning and purpose: we all need to keep ourselves mentally and physically active

So how are you going to free yourself from #Depression?

Firstly, do an emotional audit on yourself to find out what is lacking in your life, and try to fill that void.

Secondly, allow yourself some time every day to #relax. this will allow your #mind to rest, Here is a great #relaxation #technique. Sit or lie down, get yourself comfortable, uncross your arms and legs, Now bring to mind a beautiful place, somewhere that you feel safe and secure, maybe a beach, a river, a forest, a mountain or maybe a beautiful garden. Allow this image to fill the whole of your minds eye. Now control your breathing, breathe in slowly and deeply for 7 seconds and then slowly exhale for 11 seconds, you will notice your whole body and #mind relaxing down further with each slow exhale, continue to exhale for as long as it takes, for you to become totally relaxed. Remember to focus your #attention on your perfect place during this breathing technique. If you struggle with the 7 and 11 seconds breathing then reduce it to 5 seconds and 9 seconds. This technique will help to clear your mind and lift your mood.

Thirdly, Negative #thinking causes us to become #Anxious and #Depressed. The more you think negative the deeper your depression becomes. You have to take back control of your thought process, no one can do this for you, only you.

Here is how to overcome negative thinking.

I want you to think of a nice memory, something that you can bring to mind easily, allow this image to fill the whole of your minds eye. Now the next time you find yourself thinking negative, bring this nice, positive image to mind and hold it in your mind until it fills the whole of your minds eye. try to feel the emotion of joy while seeing this image in your mind as this will have a much more positive affect. Do this progressively more every day, starting by dealing with one negative thought today, two tomorrow and so on. eventually you will find your thought process becoming more positive and your mood improving and your depression becoming a thing of the past, be persistent with this and you will find that your depression is a thing of the past.

Focus on the Positive aspects of your life

No matter how hard life is there are always positives, no matter how small. Remember, that what you focus on grows. Remember that saying " making a mountain out of a mole hill". if you focus your #attention on all the negative stuff in your life then you are only going to attract negative conditions into your life. Start to #focus your attention on the #Positive aspects in your life and you will begin to notice positive changes taking place.

Allow yourself to Laugh

laughing uplifts your mood instantly, Find things in your everyday life to laugh at, if you drop something or you bump into something rather than scold yourself, laugh at yourself and notice how it instantly uplifts your #mood. simple but #effective.

Set yourself goals

Start setting yourself #achievable #goals, short term, medium term and long term goals. You are the only person who knows where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve. Start today by setting your goals, things such as, " I am going to start running again on Monday morning", "I am going to have a new job by September", "I am going to meet my friend for lunch tomorrow". Remember the mind only does what you command it to do, so remember to Command it to do only what you want.

If you find yourself saying anything negative such as "I am fed up with life" or "I am fed up with this job" change it immediately to a #positive, remember that anything that follows the words I am or I will is a command to the mind, if you want positive things to begin to happen in your life then command your mind to achieve only positive things and you will soon see positive #changes in your life.

I hope that this information has helped to show you, ways to lift yourself out of depression.

Brought to you By Michael O'Connor at Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change.


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