The Initial Consultation Is £60
Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change Wolverhampton is dedicated to helping people overcome Depression,Anxiety and all forms of Stress related conditions.
During the initial Consultation I explain in an understandable way, how the mind works, how we create problems such as Depression and  Anxiety, fears and phobias, unwanted habits and all other emotional problems and what I can do to eliminate these debilitating conditions, allowing YOU to take back control of Your life and to start moving forward in the most positive of ways.

Fees for subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions are £60        

How many  hypnotherapy sessions do I need?


People  vary greatly in the severity of their conditions and the speed at which they react to hypnotherapy. Therefore, some people will need less sessions and others may need more.




This is a single 2 hour session, with no need for the initial consultation, The cost is £120



All hypnotherapy sessions for phobias consists of 4 sessions, including the initial consultation.


Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change, Wolverhampton, covers the local areas of Perton, Walsall, Cannock, Willenhall, Darlaston, Wednesbury, Oldbury, Bilston, Codsall, south Staffordshire and Birmingham.



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