Welcome to Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change Wolverhampton.

A warm welcome from Michael O'Connor. I am a registered clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, specialising in helping people overcome Stress Related Conditions such as Anxiety and Depression, Fears, Phobias, unwanted habits and all other emotional problems.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy improves Confidence, Self Esteem, performance, focus, sleep and much more. 


Hypnotherapy eliminates these debilitating issues from your life, allowing you to create a new and positive future for yourself. All you need, is the willingness to change

a list of conditions that I work with are listed opposite.

The Solution Focused approach to therapy does not require you to dwell on your past, as dwelling on your past is proven to only reinforce previous patterns of thought and behaviour. The solution Focused approach gets you to focus on your preferred future and gets you to create a new positive neuro-pathway within the mind, together with hypnosis you will overcome your condition far quicker than any other form of therapy, allowing you to take back control of your life and to start achieving your Goals. 


I practice advanced techniques that have been tried and tested by neuro-science to achieve their desired outcome dependant on your condition. With your new understanding of the mind and how it works, you will have the tools to stay in control of your life and to continue to move forward in the most positive of ways.


I am a registered member of the Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the National Council of Hypnotherapists.

I am also registered on the Hypnotherapy Directory.

If you are suffering with any stress related condition, contact me Today, because Your future, begins with the POSITIVE decision you make TODAY!



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Email: hypnotherapy4positivechange@yahoo.com

The Services at Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change, Essington, Wolverhampton, covers the local areas of Wolverhampton, Codsall, Cannock, Walsall, Bilston, Wednesbury, Willenhall, Darlaston  Featherstone and South Staffordshire.





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                                         Are You fed up of being Depressed or Anxious?


                      Are You fed up of being controlled by a Phobia, Trauma or O.C.D?


                       Do You just want Your Confidence, Self esteem and Focus back?


                     It is Never too late to turn YOUR life around!


Here at Hypnotherapy 4 Positive Change I can help You achieve Your goals, allowing You to start living a Happier and more fulfilling life.


Your Journey starts here Today by calling or emailing Michael to book Your Initial Consultation.

Take Positive Action TODAY And TOMORROW You Will NEVER LOOK BACK!!!

Stress related conditions

. Anxiety,

. Depression,

. Fears and Phobias,

. Panic Attacks,

. Weight Loss,

. unwanted habits,

. Smoking, 

. Confidence/ Self Esteem,

. Anger Management,

. Addictions,

. Relationship Issues,

. Sports Performance,

. Performance at Work,

. Focus/Exams,

. Stuttering/ Stammering,

. Public Speaking,

. Trauma,,

. P.T.S.D

. Trauma From Violent Crime,

. Trauma From Domestic Violence,

. O.C.D,

. Claustrophobia,

. And Much More.



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